Communicating Migration and Mobility

The Small Private Online Course (SPOC) consists of 14 modules to be covered within a semester in conventional university learning or as short courses preferably at post-graduate level.

The 14 modules will be flexible for teaching of journalism students, but also for practising journalists to better understand the complex factual dimensions of migration coverage; and to practically translate this knowledge into sound, sensitive, yet critical and challenging reporting techniques.

The interdisciplinary curriculum will comprise all aspects needed to train journalistic analysis, research, presentation, editorial marketing, and ethics of migration coverage. The curriculum is orientated towards enhancing the relevance of higher journalism education to the local labor markets.

Specific modules also train journalists how to generate needs-assessed story ideas, pitch a story to editors in charge of commissioning journalistic assignments, and using social media to address larger audiences for migration-related journalistic stories.

While the focus of the SPOC is SSA, the curriculum is conceptualised as cross-cultural and discusses matters of migration in Europe, the MENA region (also in terms of transit and destination countries for SSA migrants), the Americas and Asia-Pacific as well.


Post-graduate students of journalism

Practising journalists


An undergraduate degree in journalism, media studies, or a related field

Be currently enrolled for an undergraduate degree in journalism, media studies, or a related field


At the end of the course, students will receive the award of…

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