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Ana Pinto-Martinho

Ana Pinto-Martinho

CoMMPASS Principal Investigator

Ana Pinto-Martinho is the online publisher of the European Journalism Observatory in Portuguese, she is a researcher at Obercom and assistant researcher at CIES-IUL. She also contributes for the Digital News Report, issued by the Reuters Institute for The Study of Journalism, on the Portuguese analysis. She coordinates the data journalism and visual journalism courses at CENJOR. Ana Pinto Martinho teaches data journalism, media and journalism, storytelling, visual communication and social media related areas at ISCTE – IUL.

With a vast experience as a journalism trainer in Portugal she has worked in several other countries such as Angola, Cape Vert, East-Timor. She is particularly interest in teaching and training methods in journalism and has worked in capacitation projects such as Newsreel and Newsreel 2. Also working for the Iberifier project, a digital media observatory in Spain and Portugal, funded by the European Commission and linked to the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO). As a journalist she directed the iGOV project, worked for the Portuguese edition of InformationWeek, directed Interface – Public Administration magazine, worked for newspapers such as Diário de Notícias, Semanário Sol, and for RTP Informação.

She is currently working on her PhD at ISCTE. Ana has a master’s degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies (ISCTE) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences (Universidade da Beira Interior).